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It’s no surprise that I form an attachment to my Baby’s First Year clients. I love that I get to see their little ones grow up! For this little guy’s 1 year session we planned a simple cake smash, which is my new favorite way to celebrate the 1st birthday milestone.

For 1 year sessions, I always like to start off with traditional portraits. It was tough keeping this little guy in one place as he was already pretty mobile. That’s where the use of handy little props, like this vintage ladder, come into play. We were able to distract him long enough to catch some super sweet smiles and show off his new standing skill!

simple cake smash

Now on to the fun part – the cake smash! This year I decided to majorly overhaul and streamline the way I shoot cake smashes. A lot of photographers shoot these sessions with elaborate, themed sets (and rock them!) I’ve seen so many creative ideas on Facebook and Instagram. While I totally appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating these custom sets, I’ve found myself much more drawn to the simple look. Just baby and their cake – nothing else. In my experience, the less there is around the baby to distract them, the more they focus on the cake itself. I also tend to steer my clients towards really basic cakes. This one was one of my favorites! I love the “naked” style cake with the rainbow sprinkles as a subtle colorful accent. Most babies don’t love the feeling of frosting on their hands, so minimizing how much goes onto the cake makes them much more likely to play with it and even enjoy eating some of it!

simple cake smash

Want to plan a simple cake smash for your little one’s first birthday? Contact me for more details! My studio is conveniently located next door to an awesome local bakery. You can pick up the cake and head right next door to the studio – taking the hassle and worry out of transporting your cake from home.

  1. Maureen says:

    Hi! I’m looking to schedule a cakesmash shoot for the beginning of June (I would need the pictures by July 13th) if you have anything available! Let me know, thank you! 🙂

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