Twice As Nice – Boston Twin Newborn Photos

I absolutely love working with twins! A lot of people think that photographing two newborns has to be way harder than photographing one on their own, but you’d be surprised! My experience has been just the opposite. If you catch them at just the right time (i.e. as soon as possible after they are home from the hospital) you can still catch plenty of sleepy time. I’ve also found that twins keep each other calm, so I always start with the “together” poses as those tend to be the easiest. These babies have been together for the first 36+ weeks of their existence, so it should come as no surprise that they love sleeping next to each other!

At some point one of the babies will decide they need to eat, and that’s when I take advantage of doing the individual photos. I always like to try and do coordinating setups for each baby so that parents can display the images together and have them look cohesive. These babies were so good they let me do just about everything I had planned!

boston twin newborn photos

boston twin newborn photos

Boston Twin Newborn Photos

Working with twins is such a treat! The best time to book your twin newborn session is early in your second trimester. Sessions are scheduled after your babies arrive. While most newborn sessions are scheduled within the first 2 weeks, special consideration is given to twins who often times arrive ahead of their due date. Julie will work with you to determine the best timing for your session based on your babies’ needs. Twin newborn photos are always taken with the guidance of a trained assistant so there are two sets of hands available to keep your precious babies safe!


  1. Megan says:

    How precious! Love the pose where they are hugging each other 🙂

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