Endicott Park Maternity Session

This Endicott Park maternity session was one of my absolute favorite outdoor sessions this year! You’ve seen a lot of my maternity work at the beach. That’s because a lot of my clients request beach sessions, especially during the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach sunset. But when I get the rare opportunity to get a fall foliage maternity session under my belt it sparks a whole new level of inspiration for me. So winter mamas – if you’re reading this – do yourself a favor and book a maternity session in October, ok?

I’ll admit that this session was a little tougher than what I’m used to only because I don’t shoot at Endicott Park a whole lot, especially during the fall. It’s a gorgeous location, for sure, but it’s almost impossible to shoot here in the fall without being surrounded by 100 other photographers. I had to get creative and find spots that where a little more private and I feel like I hit the jackpot! I found some great areas around the perimeter of the park that offered both privacy and some great fall color.

One of the toughest parts about trying to time this sessions is knowing when peak foliage will hit. It’s different every year and is largely dependent on what kind of spring & summer we have in Massachusetts. I usually try to plan for early to mid October for the best color. Any later in the month and you risk it being (a) too cold and (b) too brown, because all the leaves have fallen off the trees already.

endicott park maternity session


endicott park maternity session


endicott park maternity session

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between your 30th and 35th week of pregnancy. It’s best to book when you’re still in your 2nd trimester so there’s plenty of time to plan.

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