And Babies Make Six!

It’s always extra exciting when I get the opportunity to have twins in the studio. Even more so when it’s a family you’ve worked with before! Normally I start to sweat when I think about having to photograph siblings, let alone multiple siblings. But I knew I would have no problem with these guys! When they came into the studio 3 years ago for their little brother’s newborn session, it was one of the easiest sibling photos I had ever had to take. This mama has her kiddos well trained to behave for the camera 😉

Boy/girl twins are probably my favorite simply because their sessions are so easy to style. You don’t have to worry about having accessories that match exactly because coordinating pieces work just as well. It also gives me the opportunity to use colors that I don’t normally get to use (like brown).

While the focus of twin newborn sessions is always capturing the babies together, I make a point to capture individual portraits as well. Each baby is their own person so they should have their own separate photos, too!

lynnfield twin photographer


lynnfield twin photographer

Lynnfield Twin Photographer

Twin newborn sessions are double the fun! Julie Freitas Photography has photographed over 12 sets of twins during her 10+ year tenure as a photographer. Julie’s studio serves the entire North Shore area including Lynnfield, Topsfield, Middleton, Danvers, Beverly, and Salem. Newborn sessions are ideally booked before you give birth.

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