Trooper – Massachusetts Baby Photographer

Baby N was the 5th “State Trooper Baby” I had the pleasure of photographing within the past year. Each family I’ve photographed with ties to the Massachusetts State Police have requested the use of this car prop. I have joked with my friends that having done this so many times I should be able to use these photos as a means to get out of any future traffic violations (kidding, of course! I don’t speed…at least not on purpose!) There are actually 2 different ride on cars that have been passed around between each of the families I’ve photographed. I don’t own any of them, but I’m thinking at this point I should probably try and find one of my own! 😉 As unique as these shots are I can’t lie and say they are easy. The cars are obviously not intended for posing baby and are all open on the inside so it takes some careful and deliberate blanket stuffing to get them just right. And if you have a bigger baby, like this guy, it becomes even more of a challenge.  I love that I have a “collection” of these photos now. I stage them all the same but each one is different and unique, just like the baby inside them.

massachusetts baby photographer

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