Maternity Photoshoot Boston

backlit portrait of a couple during a maternity photoshoot in boston

When booking a maternity photoshoot in Boston, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The beauty of living in this area is that it affords lots of different location options for your session. As much as I love taking advantage of the many beautiful outdoor settings, my favorite maternity photoshoots take place in the studio.

maternity photoshoot boston

Using different lighting techniques is what makes studio maternity sessions so special! You aren’t limited to where the sun is in the sky – you can create the light wherever you need it to be. With this session, I did a combination of beautiful backlit portraits (as above), and traditional softer toned portraits.

Another technique that is readily achieved in the studio is the fabric toss. I have a variety of different colors and styles of chiffon fabrics that drape beautifully and work really well for the dramatic look!

Why book a studio maternity photoshoot in Boston?

Maternity photoshoots capture a deeply significant and fleeting moment in a woman’s life, celebrating the journey of pregnancy and impending motherhood. You’ll be documenting not only the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, but the anticipation and excitement that comes with waiting on your baby to arrive.

Secondly, these photoshoots strengthen familial bonds by involving partners and siblings-to-be, fostering a sense of connection and anticipation as they await the new arrival. It’s a chance to create lasting memories together as a family unit.

Your baby will absolutely love having these images to look back on when they are older. What a special gift to have artistically captured images of your mother as she awaited your arrival!

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