Newborn Twin Photography

Newborn twin photography comes with an extra set of challenges, but it’s also extra rewarding! I had the pleasure of photographing these identical twin girls when they were a little over a month old. Parents often wonder what happens if their babies come early. Well, these girls were born at 32 weeks gestation and look how well they did for their session! I work with preemies quite a bit, so if babies arrive early I just wait until they are home from the hospital to do their session. Preemies sometimes don’t pose as well as a full term baby, but a full gallery is still 100% possible.

I started with these girls swaddled, which they loved. You can tell there’s a bit of a weight difference between the two of them – one sister was about a pound heavier than the other. Then we moved into a prop, which parents love, and then onto the beanbag. My goal with twins is always to get as much variety as possible while capturing images of the babies together as well as individual portraits.

newborn twin photography


newborn twin photography




Are you expecting twins? Contact Julie for more information regarding her newborn session packages. There’s never any additional charge for twins – you pay the same session fee and package rates.

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