Sisters – Massachusetts Twin Newborn Photography

My third and final set of twins last year were these super sweet girls. My very first set of twins I ever photographed were girls and I hadn’t had the chance to photograph a set of girls since then (and that was back in 2011) so you can imagine my excitement when these two arrived! G & V are fraternal twins. One looks just like mommy and the other just like daddy 🙂

Whenever I photograph twins I always start with the “together” poses. Since they spent so much time together in the womb they usually fall right to sleep when they are snuggled next to one another. Once I’ve done several setups of the two babies together it’s usually time for at least one of them to take a snack break. I use this opportunity to photograph each baby individually. I like to do the same (or very similar) setups and poses for each baby so the images can be hung side by side on the wall and coordinate with one another.

massachusetts twin newborn photography

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