Baby Number Three – Long Hill Maternity Session

Working with repeat clients is hands down one of the most fun parts of this job. I get to see all of those little ones that I photographed as babies all grown up AND meet their new siblings. It’s really a treat! This family is super special to me as I’ve captured each one of their baby’s first year with a maternity session added on. Since they already have a boy and a girl, this time around they wanted the gender of their “tie breaker” baby to be a surprise. We’ve already done one maternity session at the beach and one in the studio. Mama wanted lots of green for her maternity photos so I knew this time around we had to plan for a Long Hill maternity session. This is my favorite outdoor spot on the North Shore, and if you’ve worked with me before for an outdoor session, there’s a 99% chance I’ve taken you here!

Any time you’re working with toddlers you’ve automatically added a layer of unpredictability to the session. We did all of our family poses first. Little girl didn’t really feel like taking photos that day, but we improvised and made it work. Then we moved on to some couples photos with just mom and dad. And finally finished with portraits of just mama. It’s super easy to get variety with your session when you’re incorporating other family members, but we also did a couple of wardrobe changes too. My client opted for the sage green dress from my collection, along with a floral crown and white ruffle dress that I also provided. These gowns paired so well with the floral option she brought from home! Normally I don’t love patterns on maternity dresses because I think they distract too much from the bump, but this was an exception!

long hill maternity session


long hill maternity session


long hill maternity session

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