Peabody MA Baby Photographer

The “sitter” milestone session is my absolute favorite! I know. I’ve probably said this about 15 times before. I’m totally ok with sounding like a broken record.

I schedule these sessions between 6-7 months, when baby can sit up well on their own. One of the reasons this age is so great: non-mobility. Once your baby can crawl and/or walk, all bets are off. But for that fleeting period where all they can really do is sit there and smile at you: it’s awesome. The other great thing about this age is that most babies have yet to develop stranger anxiety. Every baby is different, so of course there will be some who are a little more reserved. But for the most part babies at this age are quite social. Getting the smiles can be as easy as just smiling back at that cute face 🙂

This baby girl rocked her sitter session. She looked adorable in every single outfit and gave me some adorable smiles and expressions. In fact, my favorite images from these sessions are often the ones where baby isn’t smiling. I like to wonder what baby is thinking when they look at you with those big eyes and cheeky little face. We made it through 3 full outfit and set changes which is always the goal for a milestone session.

peabody ma baby photographer


peabody ma baby photographer


peabody ma baby photographer

Looking for a Peabody MA Baby Photographer? Julie Freitas photographs baby milestones from 3-12 months of age. Julie’s stuido is fully stocked with a baby wardrobe with clothing sizes up to 18 months so you don’t have to worry about bringing the perfect outfit with you. Everything is provided, including simple props for your baby to sit in. While many clients opt to capture their baby’s 1 year milestone portraits, the “sitter” milestone is one you really don’t want to miss out on!

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